When it comes to branding, you’ll probably be winging it– at least in the early days of your business.

Until you’ve started the hard work of building a brand, you won’t really know what works. There are no guarantees in startup branding.

But there are a few tried techniques and tips you can use to increase the odds that your startup will be successful.

Create a compelling brand identity that tells the story of your business

Often when you and your marketing team gather to talk about branding, you’ll talk about tangible materials you can control: your name, your slogan or tagline, your brand color or font you use.

But sometimes what gets lost is the story you want to tell.

Make sure you’re always using consistent messaging that tells prospects who you and your brand are, what you represent.

Not just what your selling, but how your content or product will make them feel.

  • Rich
  • Loved
  • Sexy
  • Smart

Craft a story that helps businesses and individuals distinguish you from the rest of the pack.

Figure out why customers want your content or product

So, what’s so great about your product that potential customers will stop what they’re doing, go to your website, read your blog, follow your social media content?

Everyone has a story to tell – or something to sell. But to get people to come to you, you’ll have to find out what the people want—then tell them you have it.

  • Use social media or email to let customers know when you have new products coming in
  • Use relevant hashtags and keywords for your social media and content marketing

Don’t forget to use newsletters

Newsletters may be old fashioned, but if you have products and/or content prospects want, it can be a very effective way to keep in touch.

One survey found people who responded to email were twice as likely to complete a sale as visitors from search engine result pages.

Have a strong call to action on websites, social media

Creating social media posts and other content is fun. But do you know what’s even more fun? Getting webpage views and sales.

So, make sure you’ve made it easy for everyone to “click buy, to follow, or to sign up.”

Create good marketing materials

Sometimes, it’s hard to remember that not all business will be conducted online.

If you have a business with a storefront, make sure you have the most professional marketing materials you can afford.

Use your logo, other branding consistently to build brand awareness

Be authentic

Being authentic is another way to separate your brand from others.

People want brands that are less about using obvious sales tactics. Businesses that believe in what they’re offering and only want to connect potential customers to their products, services, or content because they truly believe it will be useful to their customers’ lives.

Offer value to your audience

Don’t waste people’s time. Make sure you know that the individuals/businesses you target need the product, service, or content you offer.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it should be useful.

Differentiating your brand from others is about more than image

Branding is more than just having style. Being authentic, offering value, and being consistent with your message are just a few steps you can take to help your brand stand out in the mind of customers.

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