Website Development

Website Design & Development

We work with clients to create modern, mobile-friendly websites that are easily found by search engines and encourage visitors to call you, email you, or fill in a form for more information. The website is at the center of your integrated marketing strategy.

Your Digital Presence

Whether you have a website that needs a little tweaking or you want to build something from scratch, Valux can help you develop your online presence. Your website is where your customers can find details about your company, what you offer and how they can buy from you. Our website design and development services will ensure that you have a modern and engaging online presence.


Our Capabilities

Businesses and projects of all shapes and sizes are welcome here. We have extensive experience in both B2B and B2C advertising.

Build Your Business’ Online Storefront

There can be no question that online marketing is essential to success in today’s business world. Whether you are a local business or one with global reach, you want consumers to be able to find and connect with your brand. The center of your online strategy is your company website. Valux’s website design and development services are tailored to ensure your business’ success.


Website Content Development

Website content often gives potential customers their first glimpse at your business or organization. Ideally, it informs them of who you are, what you do and how you can help them. It also serves to showcase your knowledge and expertise, assisting in establishing you as a valuable resource and authority in your industry in the eyes of potential customers.

If all goes well, content helps to convince potential customers that they should choose you over your competitors. It also influences where you place in search engine result. While a fantastic website design can engage clients and potential customers, it is the content and information they find on your website that ultimately helps most consumers to decide whether or not they want to work with your organization.

Staying Up-to-Date Design

If you’ve ever visited a poorly maintained website, you know how damaging it can be to a brand. Fortunately, Valux’s designers are up-to-date on all the latest and upcoming trends. Our website design and development services will ensure that you have a modern and engaging online presence with:

• Professional design
• Branding strategy integrated with all marketing channels
• A strong design that supports your outreach efforts
• Search Engine Optimization services

Proud Member & Awards

We are honored to receive the Best Web Developers Award in New York from Expertise!  As a proud participant of the Forbes Communications Council and Entrepreneur Leadership Network, our team navigates the rapidly evolving tides of the internet on a daily basis and keeps up-to-date on shifting consumer habits and trends.

Introducing ValuxChat

By enabling ValuxChat on your website, live chats will be handled by our industry-trained agents. You won’t need to take staff away from their core responsibilities to handle chats, or train anyone to operate the system. We qualify your leads for you. All other chats, including service requests, will be free to you. You only pay for the qualified leads.



Contact us today to learn more. Our team will help you determine which services are best for your business’ needs.

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