Video Production

Award-Winning Commercial Production

In our award-winning studio, we produce high quality, impactful commercials and video content that achieve optimum sales results while saving you significant production dollars. 


Since 1972, our studio has specialized in writing and production of creative radio and television commercials for retailers. Today, you can add successful digital advertising to our resume as well.  The balance of our team is made up of award-winning freelance copywriters, directors, music composers, producers, designers, digital and graphic artists. Our collective production experience combined with a team of top talent, means we can always handle your production challenges.

Clients We Work With

Some of our best customers are listed below.


  •  Retail Direct

  •  Advertising Agencies

  •  Media Buyers Direct Marketers

  •  Radio & Television Stations

Production Services

Our overriding goal is to always produce high quality, impactful commercials that achieve optimum sales results while saving our clients significant production dollars.


  • Copywriting & Jingles
  • Production Management / Location Services
  • Set Design / Props
  • Casting / Hair & Make-up / Wardrobe
  • Film / Video / Photography
  • Catering / Craft Services
  • Behind The Scenes / DIT Services


  • Editing – Offline & Online
  • Digital Effects
  • Color correction
  • Music Composition
  • Sound Design
  • Sound Mixing
  • Animation


  •  Rapid Service and Results

  •  Small Dedicated Team

  •  Efficient and Effective

  •  We’re All About Saving Not Spending

Are You Ready To Be Competitive?

If you’re ready to increase your exposure, we’re ready to help you achieve your goal. Contact Valux today to start building your impactful broadcasting advertising plan.

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