Introducing ValuxChat

Live Chat Software & Service all-in-one solutions.

Serving More Than 8,000 Business Clients
Let ValuxChat Handle the Heavy Lifting for You

With ValuxChat, you get an all-in-one service. Live chats are handled by our industry-trained agents and software platform. You won’t need to take staff away from their core responsibilities to handle chats, or train anyone to operate the system. We qualify your leads for you. All other chats, including service requests, will be free to you. You only pay for the qualified leads.


Working With Us

No Software to Learn and no chat staff to hire. Let our agents handle the work for you. You can just focus on growing your business.

• You Don’t Need to Hire Live Chat Agents
• 24/7 Live Chat Coverage
• Designed Exclusively for Web Conversion
• Expertise in Each Industry
• Dedicated Support Team
• Pay For Performance Pricing
• No contracts, no penalties, and you can cancel at any time.


Software Platform with Live Chat Agents

Virtual Assistant Software

Call Connect

Exit Popup

Facebook Messenger Integration

Google My Business Integration

SMS Text-to-Chat


Live Chat Agents

API/CRM and Dashboard Integrations

Self Service/Chat Operator Rollover

English & Spanish Bilingual

Live Chat Agents

Tailored online chat solutions to fit your business needs. It is critical to respond to inbound inquiries as quickly as possible, as leaving things too long will result in the lead being lost forever. With ValuxChat, you never have to worry about missing out on potential leads that visit your website since our Virtual Assistant is available 24/7.

  • English & Spanish
  • Skill-Based Routing
  • Multiple Chat Agents 24/7
  • Call Connect
  • Custom Branding

Virtual Assistant Software

We are more than just a CHATBOT. We automatically qualifies leads on your website 24/7.

The ValuxChat Virtual Assistant will ask specific qualification questions to your website visitors and create leads in your CRM system. Our software can accommodate the same logic as your CRM to route new leads. A comprehensive tool that gathers vital contact information, escalates chats to your team, qualifies and captures leads as well as gathers your prospects’ availability to meet with your company.

A pop-up that appears as visitors attempt to exit your website reduces your site abandonment rate. Leads are automatically recognized by this intelligent feature, tracked by business hours, and escalated to your team instantly.

Boost Your Leads and Engage Your Prospects With Live Chat

Pairing ValuxChat with Your Social Media & Local SEO

Facebook Messenger + ValuxChat

Integrate ValuxChat with Facebook to connect with your customers. It is a powerful solution for generating leads in a way that engages prospects. Take advantage of direct engagement with qualified prospects.

Integrate our software and service with your Messenger accounts to turn their Facebook pages into 24/7, qualified lead gen machines. This can also be combined with “Message Us” ads for more effective Facebook ad campaigns.

With our Facebook Messenger Integration, your clients can reach out to your business instantly through convenient call-to-action buttons. Our agents chat on your behalf and optimize your Facebook communications channel.

Local SEO + ValuxChat

Engage your customers with ValuxChat for Google My Business (GMB). Get valuable contact information from local customers and drive them to your online or in-person stores using our live chat services. 

Getting organic leads from local search has never been easier. By integrating this feature, you can directly connect customers to your physical store, thereby turn your local searches into sales.

Customers are routed according to their needs to your online or offline store through live chat. We can also provide information about your store hours, closings, holiday schedules, etc., placing the needs of your customers first. It connects your physical store with your digital customers to reduce friction in the customer journey.

Proud Member & Awards

As a proud participant of the Forbes Communications Council and Entrepreneur Leadership Network, our team navigates the rapidly evolving tides of the internet on a daily basis and keeps up-to-date on shifting digital technology trends.


Our Most Popular Packages

Defining Leads

You only pay for the qualified leads. We define a qualified lead as the following:

The Visitor Provides Their Name

The Visitor Provides Their Contact Information

The Visitor Is Seeking a Service Provided by the Business

The Visitor Is Within the Business’s Geographic Service Area

Software + Live Chat Agents

$ 20 / Qualified Lead | $100 Monthly Minimum
  • $150 one-time standard chat setup fee
  • $100 one-time Spanish scripting setup fee
  • $80 one-time setup fee for: Text-to-Chat, Exit Popup, or Google My Business Integration
  • Facebook Integration Call Connect (no charge)
  • $100 per month to handle chats internally

(leads captured by you are non-billable)

We send 3 types of leads to you: Qualified Sales leads (billable),  Current Client Service Inquiry (non-billable), Other: spam, career inquiries, visitors asking questions, etc. (non-billable)

Virtual Assistant Chatbot

Starting From $ 150 / Month

We recommend the Virtual Assistant Chatbot for clients that don’t see much traffic or invest too heavily in their digital marketing:

  • $200 one-time Virtual Assistant setup fee
  • Basic: $150 monthly fee
    (Email-based lead delivery, minimal reporting, and customization)
  • Pro: $220 monthly fee
    (Email & CRM based lead delivery, includes Call Connect & EP, customizable flows) Once captured, leads are sent to you in real-time via email, text message, pushed into your CRM, and/or connected to your office via telephone (Call Connect).


Ready to make an impact on your business and your customers? Contact Valux today to request a quote for our leading digital marketing services.

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