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Grow Your Business With Customized Marketing & PR Solutions

There’s no better way to grow your business than by harnessing the power of digital marketing. Creating a relevant and effective online marketing campaign requires both skill and research. Hiring a team of experts that is familiar with the ever-changing world of online marketing can help you establish a strong online presence that will gain the trust and respect of consumers.


Global Excellence Awards

Best Media Advertising & PR Agency - New York

We are proudly honored to be awarded as the Best Media Advertising & PR Agency in New York by the Global Excellence Awards!

Our relentless passion, creativity, and client-centric approach have set us apart on the global stage. This prestigious recognition fuels our drive to continue delivering top-tier solutions for our valued partners. Thank you for being part of our journey to excellence!


Our Capabilities

Businesses and projects of all shapes and sizes are welcome here. We have extensive experience in both B2B and B2C marketing. We specialize in building out customized marketing packages that take real data into account. All decisions are made only to ensure quality returns on your investment and to help you achieve your goals.

Public Relations

Our Public Relations efforts are personalized for each client to help us achieve their desired goals.

Sometimes that goal may be to generate a lot of media coverage to grow the credibility of the brand within a specific industry. Other times it may be to maximize the introduction of a new product to consumers or the company’s entry into a new City.


Corporate LiveWire Global Awards

Digital Marketing Agency of the Year

Congratulations to our Valux Digital team for winning the prestigious Corporate LiveWire Global Awards in the Digital Marketing Agency of the Year category.

This achievement is a testament to the hard work of every Valuxian! Your unwavering dedication, creative spirit, and client-centric approach have truly set Valux apart on the global stage. Such prestigious recognition only fuels our determination to keep delivering top-notch solutions for our esteemed partners.


Proud Member & Awards

As a proud participant of the Forbes Communications Council and Entrepreneur Leadership Network, our team navigates the rapidly evolving tides of the internet on a daily basis and keeps up-to-date on shifting consumer habits and trends.

Digital Media Advertising

Data-driven programmatic advertising provides a powerful way to promote your brand and products through highly visual images, interactive screens, and high-quality video marketing.

We offer premium, high-quality digital media inventory to our clients. This requires a media-agnostic approach, meaning we do not prioritize inventory based on self interest, and we buy from multiple inventory sources to set our campaigns up for scalable and optimizable success.


Video Production

In our award-winning retail broadcast advertising studio, we produce high quality, impact commercials that achieve optimum sales results while saving you significant production dollars.

Since 1972, our studio has specialized in writing and production of creative radio and television commercials for retailers. Today, you can add successful digital advertising to our resume as well.

“Rare360 is a prestigious honor, exclusively available to trusted companies. Through Valux Digital’s extensive experience in pharmaceutical, healthcare and biotechnological digital media, it is our pleasure to welcome Valux Digital as a Rare360 partner.

Valux Digital has proven itself to bring valuable digital media support to RAM’s global network and we look forward to continuing the work of improving the lives of patient sand their families on a global scale.”

– The Rare360 Program

A Trusted Member of Rare360

The Rare Advocacy Movement (RAM) is a rare disease community leadership network focused on addressing issues that affect the real-world people of the global rare disease community. Rare360 is a program hosted by the RAM. Designed to connect all four landscapes across the rare disease ecosystem, Rare360 makes it possible for community-focused stakeholders to develop trusted community-based relationships.

RAM’s mission through Rare360 is to unite trusted leaders from every industry across the healthcare ecosystem, to create a specialized, community-dedicated network that works to empower people living with rare diseases and to develop sustainable global infrastructures that provide people living with debilitating rare diseases the opportunity to thrive. We are honored to be selected to share our expertise as a partner with Rare360, Rare Advocacy Movement (RAM)!


uPro Digital for Startups & SMB

As part of the Valux brand, uPro Digital is on a mission to empower nimble, dynamic startups and companies in their journey towards increased online exposure, higher conversion rates, and greater profits.

We believe that businesses that currently don’t have sizeable workforce, budget, or in-house resources can achieve exceptional success and compete with larger players thanks to efficient, ad-hoc digital marketing and branding solutions.

Upro will support them in reaching these goals by crafting and delivering hyper-personalized, financially accessible, and original services that can solve the challenges that they face, and those that might crop up in the future.

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La'vini Digital for White-Label

We’re launching this brand to primarily provide white-label PR and digital marketing services, such as branding, design, development, content marketing, and other digital solutions, to up-and-coming digital marketing and PR agencies. La’vini Digital also offers programs that equip our clients with the tools to start their very own marketing and PR agency.


Our Services


Branding & Strategy

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Build Your Brand

Your brand is your business’ identity. This is how your target audience perceives your company in a busy market. Branding goes beyond just a logo and a name. It’s about being recognized instantly. Branding at Valux starts with market research, using that data to make your brand truly impactful.

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Website Design & Development


Build Your Site

We can help you create a strong online presence regardless of whether you have an existing website or want to start one from scratch. Your website is where customers can learn about your company, what you offer, and how they can order from you. A great website is essential.

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