The modern age of marketing is all about ppc and social media campaigns, but there is still a tried and true method that shouldn’t be forgotten. In fact, email marketing remains one of the most fruitful marketing tactics available. Whether you’re a new business trying to drum up some customers, or you’ve been around a while and are just looking for a boost, when done correctly marketing with email can bring you the traffic you’re looking for. 

Step 1: Find and Grow Your Contacts

It may seem obvious, but the key to a successful email campaign is reaching your audience. To do this, you need to have access to people’s email addresses. Email lists can be collected a number of ways including at the point of sale, or by creating a call to action and asking people to sign up. Asking people to opt in to a newsletter with the potential of gaining access to exclusive deals is one common way marketers get customers to put themselves on an email marketing list. 

Step 2: Craft a Stand-Out Message 

Consumers are blasted with hundreds of emails on a daily basis. Many don’t even make it past the spam filters. In order to grab their attention and get them to click, your message needs to stand out in the sea of “buy now” and “today only” cluttering up the inbox. Think about who your audience is and the best way to get their attention. This can make a big difference between a click on your email or a click on the delete. 

Step 3: Don’t be Spammy 

Now that you’ve come up with a unique and clever message you should send it but be careful. One of the number one reasons consumers unsubscribe from email lists is that they feel spammed from marketers. Think about how often you’re going to send out your marketing emails and if and when you plan on doing follow ups. Follow ups can be helpful in reminding people about that email they may have wanted to check out, but it’s very easy to cross the line into annoying spam territory. Use analytics to help you see if your unsubscriber list is high or if you’re getting just the right number of interactions. 

Email marketing is an effective advertising tool when it is used correctly. Taking the time to grow your contact lists, putting effort in the right message for your audience and being careful about the delivery of your marketing emails are the first steps in creating a successful email campaign for your business.