Thanks to its easy-to-use interface and ability to serve ads to extremely specific demographics, Facebook is the social advertising platform of choice for many marketers. If your business is using or considering Facebook Marketing, here are some tips to rock your campaign and deliver results!

Incorporate great images

We’ll start with a critical aspect that often gets overlooked: pictures! Incorporate a clear, eye-catching image with your ad and you have a MUCH better chance of stopping people from scrolling past. It doesn’t even have to be a product shot, just something relevant to your ad copy that looks good. Be sure to use images that you own our can license, and make sure to be up to date on Facebook’s policy of images not containing too many words.

Build a budget to bid strategically

When you set up a Facebook Marketing ad buy, Facebook bids for ad space on your behalf. You need to be careful about how you input your budget and the manner of bids so you don’t overspend. Use Optimized CTM through Facebook and input your constraints (amount you want to spend and flight schedule) and goals (impressions, views, etc.)

Take advantage of audience insights

The “Audience Insights” tool in Facebook’s ad manager essentially lets you “try before you buy” and test the waters. It mines Facebook data to recommend what demographic market to target based on the data of people who like your page already.

Create specific ads for different audiences

Trying to get parents to buy something for their kid who’s going off to college? Also trying to get the kid to buy something? One of the great flexible features of Facebook’s ad platform is that you can run multiple sets of creative that are served specifically to different audiences all on the same ad buy!

Get your audience directly to a landing page

You don’t want to direct customers to your general webpage if it doesn’t have information relevant to the specific product you’re trying to sell. Likewise, you don’t want to send them right to an order form. Attach a landing page with details to your ad so people can learn more about it. It may seem like an extra step, but it is a great way to make a bigger pitch!

Facebook marketing is one of the most insightful tools that ad buyers can use to reach the people they’re targeting. Keep these tips in mind, and rock your next campaign!