For years, companies have been sleeping on Twitter for not being as powerful of an advertising too as Facebook or Snapchat. In a lot of cases, that’s only true because these businesses aren’t using it the right way. Here’s a look at some brands who have figured out how to make Twitter marketing pay off.

ShineText: Repurposing Content

Lots of companies complain that they can’t create enough original content to stay at the top of potential customers’ feeds. Why not do what ShineText, a daily messaging service and motivational app, does: share video previews, and repurpose some of their older messages and push them out for free to Twitter followers. It keeps their feed free of just being link shares, provides a sample, and populates feeds with rich, eye-catching content.

Oberlo: Empathetic Inspiration

Speaking of motivation, Oberlo, a B2B drop shipping company targeted at new businesses and entrepreneurs, has a great Twitter marketing strategy to mix things up. In addition to informative posts, they pepper in great looking inspirational messaging tailored to give struggling new business owners a pick-me-up. 

Netlfix: Creating Their Own Moments

Twitter is a haven for short, witty copy and lighthearted entertainment. While Netflix is a marketing juggernaut, there is one aspect of their approach that almost any business can incorporate…creating and sharing pop-culture relevant entertainment memes.

Merriam-Webster: Jack the News

What could be fun about a dictionary company’s Twitter account? Look no further than the expert Twitter marketing trolls at Merriam-Webster. When a term or phrase is trending in the zeitgeist, they’re quick with an “I’ll just leave this here” definition to support or refute its usage.

Greenhouse: Precision Targeting

Greenhouse is a great example of getting exceptional reach and value on a tight budget. They’re tactic: preach to the choir by engaging and interacting with your existing customers. This is a smart way to build brand loyalty and return business, and as organic reach grows, expand your footprint. Find Your Voice is a sales CRM for small businesses. Sounds like it could be boring, right? Well, they were self-aware enough to realize this, so they deliver their tweets and content with a hip, casual and sarcastic tone proving that anything can be fun if presented the right way.

If used properly, Twitter marketing can be an invaluable tool in your advertising arsenal. Look at what these brands have done, and use them to inspire your next campaign!