If you’re a business owner, chances are you already know how important social media advertising can be for creating brand awareness and attracting new customers. For example, Facebook, with over 2.9 billion active monthly users, is one of the most sought-after advertising platforms for businesses big and small. Facebook’s advertising platform is equipped with various targeting options and tools that enable companies to reach their intended audience and establish measurable objectives for their campaigns.

In this blog post, we’ll look at the advantages of running ads on Facebook and the different types of advertising that Facebook has to offer.


Building Brand Awareness

Facebook is an excellent platform for building brand awareness. Once a user likes your business’s Facebook page, they will start receiving your updates in their news feed. This will constantly remind them of the products and services you have to offer, fostering their brand loyalty. Just remember to post regularly and choose a voice that will set your business apart from your competitors. The social media marketing experts at Valux Digital are ready to help you cut through the noise!


Facebook gives you a golden opportunity to target individuals who are most likely to get engaged with your business. The platform’s wealth of user data, including demographics, interests, and behaviors, makes it possible to create highly targeted ads. If you need help, the social media marketing experts at Valux Digital have extensive experience in both B2B and B2C advertising.

Setting Up Goals

What results do you want to get from your ad campaign on Facebook? Choose from:

  • brand awareness
  • reach
  • traffic to your website
  • Engagement
  • app installs
  • video views
  • lead generation
  • conversions.

At Valux Digital, we are ready to help you choose the goals most suited for your business and make sure your content is well aligned with the overall marketing strategy.

Types of Advertising on Facebook

Classic Ads

These are traditional Facebook ads that appear in the newsfeed or sidebar. Choose them if you want to promote products, services, or special offers.


Facebook contests are a fun way to engage with your followers and increase brand awareness. Remember, though, that Facebook doesn’t allow contest hosting on its platform, so make sure to use a third-party app to host one.

Promoted Posts

Since your followers’ newsfeeds are constantly getting updated, it’s quite likely that they might miss your updates if they log into Facebook a couple of hours after you’ve made an update. Promoted posts help increase the probability that your post will be seen by a broader audience. This is particularly useful if you have a limited advertising budget.

Sponsored Ads

Sponsored ads appear in the user’s newsfeed and are labeled as sponsored. These ads are targeted at specific audiences, making them an effective way to reach potential customers.

Facebook provides a powerful marketing platform that has many advantages. From building brand awareness to targeted advertising and a range of ad types, Facebook offers a flexible and cost-effective way to connect with your target audience. Our marketing experts at Valux Digital are here to help you set up a Facebook ads campaign that will be an ultimate success for your business. Get in touch with us to get started!

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