If you are looking into Twitter as an option for marketing your business, there are many things to know about how to navigate the platform. Here are some tips for maximizing the potential of Twitter to bring in new customers and followers for your company.

Have a Unique Username

A username is extremely important to set you apart from the rest of the accounts on Twitter. Make sure that it incorporates your brand and stands out, with features such as all caps. Make it easy to remember when customers want to tag you in content or direct a question your way.

Interact with Users

When you are running a company Twitter account, your customers and consumers may use it as the primary line of contact if they have questions or concerns. Try to log on daily and answer inquiries, as well as like tweets. This type of interaction shows that you value your customers and the feedback you receive.

Have a Tweeting Schedule

Producing fresh and new content regularly is the rule of thumb for being successful at any social media campaign, and Twitter is no different. Make sure that you are posting on a schedule so that your followers are always receiving new content. Twitter moves faster than other social media platforms, so you may need to tweet more often than, say, post on Facebook or Instagram.

Follower Influencers in Your Field

Twitter is a wonderful platform for networking. It is incredibly easy to follow key leaders in your field or business sector for inspiration and content that can give you ideas of what to post for your own followers. They may even end up following you back for the chance of cross-promotion.

Use Different Types of Media

Mixing up the mediums that you post will help keep your users and followers from getting bored and unfollowing you. For instance, try posting videos every week that detail what you have been up to, or link a blog post or photo to your tweets.

Create an Advertising Budget

Like other social media platforms, Twitter gives users the opportunity to advertise. Make sure to go over a budget with your team, and figure out how best to utilize the money allocated for advertising to get the best return on investment possible.

With these tips, you are guaranteed to be successful and gain more experience when marketing and promoting your business on Twitter.