The global pandemic has caused consumers to move online in large numbers, thus making it more critical than ever to increase your online visibility using effective SEO strategies. Search engine optimization is the process of gaining trust and authority from the search engines. Once that trust is gained, and rankings are achieved, our clients tend to maintain their first page positions for years. This investment pays dividends month after month. 

Are you still unsure about the benefits of SEO and why it’s fundamental to success nowadays? Well, keep reading to learn all about its value and why it’s worth incorporating into your business efforts from now on.

The Advantages of SEO

1. Traffic, Leads, and Conversions

A master key to ranking in search engines (namely Google), SEO is the leading driver of organic traffic to most business websites. Assuming your site’s optimized for conversions, you can generate an abundance of leads that you’d otherwise have to pay for via ads.

2. Brand Awareness

Ranking higher on search engines doesn’t just drive traffic. It generates brand awareness and trust as well. Businesses that would otherwise struggle to reach their target customers can get a foot in the door. Not only that, but by outranking their competitors they come across as an authority in the field.

3. Staying Competitive

In the past, small businesses could rarely compete with established brands in the industry. They simply didn’t have the same amount of capital to fund their marketing efforts. SEO flips that predicament around, providing a free means of getting exposure, generating leads, and making sales.

4. Improved User Experience

A key tenet of good SEO is a high-quality user experience. If your website’s fast, well-designed, mobile-friendly, and easy to navigate (among others), you’ll be rewarded by search engines who want to give their users the best possible experience. At the same time, of course, you endear yourself to anyone who enters your website and boost your chances of converting.

5. Go Global and/or Local

SEO can be both localized and international in nature. In other words, do it right and you can feature in search results across the internet and/or in specific local locations relevant to your business. That’s a big deal if you plan on becoming a global competitor or wish to gain exposure in particular places, respectively.

6. The Eyes Are Online

Adults spend over 11 hours a day engaging with screens nowadays. That means they’re looking down at their phones, not up at billboards; swiping on tablets instead of flicking through newspapers. With the attention online, it’s crucial to have a presence there. And SEO is the best way to do it both cheaply and effectively.

Black Hat versus White Hat SEO

Not all SEO is made equal though. Given the benefits of featuring online, many businesses (knowingly or otherwise) engage in underhanded tactics, such as keyword stuffing and purchasing backlinks. Known collectively as “black hat SEO”, these strategies attempt to ‘game the system’ and, ultimately, aren’t allowed.

As you begin to focus resources on SEO, then, make sure you’re investing in white hat SEO instead. These strategies are permissible under search engine Ts and Cs, leading to long-term prosperity online rather than taking unnecessary risks in favor of short-term gain.

Why You Can Trust Valux Digital with Your SEO Efforts

If you’re searching for an SEO specialist who leverages white hat SEO and never cuts corners, then look no further than Valux Digital. We never engage in devious marketing strategies or black hat SEO, focusing instead on organic opportunities, a sustainable approach, and staying up to date on the latest guidelines from Google.

All told, we can handle all of your SEO needs and more. From creating and augmenting your content to enhancing your authority through internal linking (an oft-overlooked SEO tactic that has powerful potential in terms of site authority), we can turn your website into an online success in no time.

Contact the team at Valux Digital today for a complimentary analysis of your current digital presence and some bespoke ideas on how to strengthen it moving forward.

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