Web development is a generic term that describes the varied processes used to create a website. For people interested in learning this process, figuring out where to start can be a daunting task. Fortunately, there are as many websites available to help budding developers as there are ways to build a website. Read on to learn about three sites designed to teach you the art of website development. 


TreeHouse can count itself as one of the most popular programs out there when it comes to learning to create websites, and for good reason too. At an affordable price of only 25 dollars a month, the high-quality, instructional videos found on TreeHouse are designed for beginners. No prior experience is required to take and be successful at their online courses. Consider yourself more than a beginner? No problem. TreeHouse also has an array of advanced lessons that you can take to add to your existing skills. Interested? They offer a 7-day free trial, so hop on over and check out TreeHouse today!

2. freecodecamp

With over a million users, it’s easy to see why freecodecamp is also a popular and free to use platform for web development. With a considerable collection of classes focused on HTML and CSS, you can count on having all your bases and more covered with those two languages. This site also puts a lot of focus on Java Script, which is one of the most widely used programming languages today. As a bonus, freecodecamp allows student to work on non-profit projects, building a portfolio to show potential future employers. 

3. The Odin Project 

Finally, the Odin Project. This site focuses more on the technical aspects of building a site than the visual. This option is great for beginners who wish to delve deeper in to back end web design, using a different approach. A completely free option, the Odin Project uses modular lessons to turn beginners into website designers in no time. 

These are just three of the websites out there designed for aspiring web developers. Each of these sites is aimed at beginners but could be great for those who need a brush up as well. All three offer comprehensive courses you can take at your own pace, and all of them can help you get a firm grasp of the most used programming languages out there. With today’s demand for knowledgeable people high, learning web development has never been a better choice!