Your website design influences how your customers see your business. A good website should be attractive, easy to use, and have all the information your customers need. The most important function of your website is to convince your potential customers to invest in your products and services.

Some research statistics that confirm the importance of website design:

In today’s digital era, your website could get you customers from anywhere. This is the biggest advantage of having a website – you are out there ready to gain your potential leads from anywhere in the world!

The top 5 benefits of a good website design that leave a lasting impression:

Visually attractive and interactivewins and holds customer’s attention

The visuals of your design should appeal to your customers. Using the right color palette for the background is the first step. The font type and size must match your background. Also, the sizes and shapes of the elements on your website – the logo, graphics, and other design aspects should look attractive.

Every page of your website must be gripping, informative, and convincing. When your website has the right balance of attractiveness and what you have to offer, your customers will want to buy from you. This is called conversion, the final goal of your website!

Content and information availability – delivers the essentials to your target customers

The heart and soul of your website – content. Well-written, grammatically correct, and SEO-optimized content is of utmost priority. Your designers and content writers can advise how to get your website to rank high on online search engines.

All information on your website must be well segregated. Your customers must instantly find what they are looking for. Highlight key information such as contact numbers, CTAs, and other essentials that are important to your customers.

Optimized user navigation – lets your customers enjoy the website experience

Your website must not only be easy to navigate, but users must find what they need. It would be best to include a thorough map or menu that helps navigate through the whole website.

Today, being mobile-friendly is as important as being web-friendly. Your designers must make sure to take care of search engine placement and the visual appearance of your website be it via mobile or web navigation.

Brand image and user connection – your website will help your business stand out

Your customers must connect with your brand. When your customers view your website, everything must click for them perfectly. The logo, fonts, colors, layout, design elements, graphics, etc. collectively shape your brand image. These must be consistent all throughout.

You can brainstorm ideas and take opinions from experienced creatives while branding. For example, use colors that evoke emotion – red for passion, black for coldness. Thoroughly investigate the details of your logo, content, products, and services before finalizing them – they should all fit customer expectations.

Customers will make a connection when your products and services give them solutions. Your business should answer questions and solve their problems. So, you must find ways to tell your customers how you are solving their problems.

Your current conversions – will further attract more leads

Imagine happy customers who trust you and feel that that’s the right choice they made? This is what every business owner and entrepreneur hope for! Getting happy customers, is the ultimate goal.

Happy customers will recommend your products and services to others. This is how big brands have become what they are today. These word-of-mouth testimonials are even better than those that appear on your website.

Concluding points

Good website design includes having the right balance of content, value, visuals, and what the business offers your customers. Once your design and content are ready, you must test them before you take your website live. Make sure to update your website regularly.

A good website will attract more customers, convince buyers and build conversions. If your website is attractive to the eye and resourceful, your customers will want to read through every page, ultimately taking the desired call to action.

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