Your website is an important part of your business. In many cases, it’s the first impression you leave with potential customers. Your website’s design is vital. Not sure how to create an ideal site? Here are 10 web design tips that are proven effective.

1. Keep It Simple

Believe it or not, simple web design is much more appealing than a complex one. Eliminate distractions like sidebars and unusual layouts to keep the focus on your content.

2. Hook Visitors

The information visible on a landing page needs to hook visitors. Use a clear, eye-grabbing headline and include your call to action. Images or videos can also help to attract attention.

3. Offer Fewer Choices

Too many choices mean website visitors take longer to decide. Reduce decision time by offering fewer options. Limit fields on forms, keep menu items to a minimum and use a single call to action.

4. Avoid Tabs, Sliders, and the Like

Sliders, tabs, carousels, and accordions typically go ignored. While many website owners like incorporating them into their web design, these features don’t do anything for you. Avoid putting them on your website.

5. Make It Scrollable

Many website visitors are more likely to scroll than they are to click. When information is on a single page that visitors simply need to scroll through, conversions increase. Instead of multiple pages, consider sticking to a single, longer one.

6. Use Real People

When using pictures of people, use genuine ones instead of immediately going for stock photos. Most visitors can tell the difference and conversions are more likely to go up when the photos are real.

7. Direct Attention

You can direct attention using visual cues. Your cues can be subtle, such as a person facing the direction you want your visitors to go. Other times, more direct cues (such as using arrows) can be more effective.

8. Social Proof

Show visitors that others have a positive opinion of your website, content, and products or services. This can be done with testimonials, social shares, and mentions on social media.

9 Make It Fast

Website speed is key. The faster your site loads, the more likely visitors are to stick around. Search engines also use your site speed when determining where you rank on the results page.

10. Prioritize

How you list attributes of your products or services matters. Readers are more likely to remember what’s at the beginning and end rather than what’s in the middle. Pay attention to where important factors are on your lists.

The design of your website matters. These tips can help to make your site more effective, enabling you to convert more visitors into sales.