Email marketing is one of the best ways to stay in touch with loyal customers and win over prospective clients. This type of marketing delivers an excellent return on investment. After all, it doesn’t cost much to distribute interesting emails to people who sign up. To really maximize the benefits of email campaigns, however, it pays to take the time to create different mailing categories. How does this work, and why is it important?

How Does Email Marketing Work?

The main idea behind email campaigns is that you encourage people to sign for correspondence. Many websites have a small popup inviting first-time visitors to sign up for a regular newsletter or daily updates. This is a type of email advertising. E-commerce businesses may make the same offer through a box that customers can click at checkout.

With the email addresses provided, you can send customers regular updates or marketing messages. This may include helpful tips, reminders about upcoming sales, notifications when a requested product is in stock or similar content. Some marketing emails provide a “teaser” on an interesting topic related to your business, such as “Top Ten Ways To Save Money on Your Taxes.” The email may share a single tip and then invite customers to visit your website or blog to learn more.

What Is Email Marketing Segmentation?

Most mail apps have the ability to create mailing lists. One option is to add all the email addresses you get from customers to a single mailing list. When you have a new article to share, you only have to press “Send” once, and everyone gets the message. However, this isn’t the best way to market to customers. Instead, segmentation is more effective.

Segmentation means separating people into different mailing lists. For example, you may have one group of customers that buys products regularly, and another one for people who have only visited your website a few times. You can even take things further and create lists according to purchasing trends, demographics, age or other factors.

Why Is Marketing Segmentation Important for Email Advertising?

An announcement for product discounts is more likely to motivate people who already have purchasing intent. For new customers, you probably need different emails that focus on convincing them why your products and services are the best. You don’t want to seem too aggressive or pushy.

The best marketing targets the right people with the right message. Large stores may even create separate mailing lists for men and women. Depending on the metrics available to you, this allows you to create communications that feel more personalized to people.