There’s a reason that companies like Wendy’s have garnered so much attention online: their account is undeniably run by a human. This isn’t to suggest that you start making fun of your competitors online, but injecting humor and sass into your advertising and marketing strategies can go a long way toward creating a memorable and authentic brand.

Here are a few tips to humanize your small business’s brand.

1.   Give Your Audience a “Behind-The-Scenes” Look

Going behind the scenes is a great way to highlight every member of your staff who contributes to your business. If there is a specific person who symbolizes your brand (whether that person is you or someone else), explain their experiences and how they relate to the brand or mention some of their recent achievements or volunteer work. You’d be shocked at how much consumers seek a true, human connection with a brand. You can post appropriate images, videos, and experiences that you and your staff share during work hours and outside of them on your blog and social media.

2.   Embrace Transparency

Share the backstory of your business, product, and journey details if you have one. People like it when you are transparent, which makes them want to continue supporting and following you. Stay current and connect your stories to your goals and core principles. Don’t forget to return to your “why” and share the things that motivate, inspire, and sustain you.

3.   Connect With a Social Cause

Over 139 million people in the United States alone fall into the generational categories of Millennials or Gen Z—and they’re famously skeptical. Gen Z, in particular, is more likely to be wary of brands than their older counterparts. However, young people are excited about supporting brands that support social causes they care about.

Is there a great cause in your neighborhood, city, or state that you’re already passionate about? Consider partnering your small business with it. By being honest about your social priorities, you’re telling young people that your brand is about more than making money.

4.   Build Relationships Through Social Media

Social media is constantly evolving. Just look at the recent changes with Twitter, one of the stalwarts of the social media world! While navigating the constantly changing landscape of social media may seem daunting, the reality is that if you make the effort to connect with people as real people, they are much more likely to follow you wherever you go, regardless of the platform. Spend the time to get to know your audience personally because social media is a crucial and very beneficial instrument for engaging with them.

People want to engage with authentic, personable brands and commit to the same social causes as them. When you allow your personality and honesty to shine through, current and potential customers will see and appreciate it. The best part about humanizing your brand is that people will want to engage with and share your content, which results in free and far-reaching advertising.

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